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Dr. Butler Hine

Galaxies Arcus Project Manager
NASA Ames Research Center

Dr. Hine is a Flight Project Manager at NASA-Ames. Prior to his work on Arcus, he served as Project Manager for LADEE, where he was responsible for overall mission management, and Manager for the Ames Modular Common Spacecraft Bus and Lunar Lander Hover Test, where he managed all aspects of that effort. He was the Deputy Program Manager of the Robotic Lunar Exploration Program, where he was responsible for the mission architecture, including programmatic management of the LRO and LCROSS missions. He was the Program Manager for NASA Computing, Information and Communications Technology Program, for which he was responsible for the overall success of the program, including technical and financial objectives. He received a B.S. (physics/mathematics) from the University of Alabama, and M.S. and Ph.D. (astronomy) from the University of Texas, Austin.