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Dr. Jonathan Schonfeld


Arcus Instrument Project Manager
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Dr. Schonfeld is a Program Manager in the High Energy Astrophysics Division at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Prior to his work on Arcus, he had a distinguished career at several technology companies, including as VP of Engineering at Cobham Surveillance & Tactical Communications North America; VP of Advanced Radiography Systems at American Science & Engineering, Inc.; and VP of Defense Market Development at Mercury Computer Systems. He was also an Assistant Division Head at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Most recently, he was the Director of Technology & Product Development at Iscon Imaging, where he led all technical activities for the startup-turnaround, including multi-disciplinary development teams distributed around the world. He was CEO of Feder Aerospace, where he led the M&A process for a startup that developed unmanned air vehicle flight control technology. He also was Director of Programs at Cobham Electronic Systems, where he managed a large (20+) team in the development of electromechanical subsystems for ground, air, and space-based sensing and communication.