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Mr. Peter Cheimets


Arcus Instrument Systems Engineer
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Mr. Cheimets has had a distinguished career as Project Engineer for several missions, including IRIS, SDO-AIA, Hinode, and TRACE, where he led teams (10+ people) in the design, fabrication, and alignment of instruments. He was the Institutional Principal Investigator for the MaGIXS Rocket, for which he led the overall system error budget effort, including the alignment strategy, as well as the development of the nanofabricated gratings. He also was the Institutional Project Manager for the Hi-C Rocket Re-Flight, where he oversaw the system alignment, purchase, and mounting of the filters. He received a B.S. (mechanical engineering) from MIT, and M.S. (mechanical engineering) from Stanford University, and M.S. (management) from Tufts University.