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Dr. Mark Schattenburg


Arcus Grating Scientist
Massachusetts Institutue of Technology

Dr. Schattenburg is a Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Space Nanotechnology Laboratory at the MIT Kavli Institute. He is an authority on gratings and has developed advanced grating fabrication techniques. He has produced flight gratings for nine NASA missions, including Chandra, SOHO, GOES, IMAGE, TWINS, and SDO. He was also a member of science teams for X-ray spectrometers on the Einstein and Chandra Observatories, and served on numerous NASA committees including the Chandra, Constellation-X, Generation-X, and Maxim Science Teams, the LISA Mission Study Team, the Astro-E2/XRS 2D Detector Peer Review Team, the Telescope Working Group for IXO, and the X-ray Probe Science and Technology Definition Team. He has supervised, co-supervised, or sat on the thesis committees of 17 Ph.D. and 12 Master’s degree students, published over 200 papers, and holds seven patents. He received a B.S. (physics) from the University of Hawaii - Honolulu and a Ph.D. (physics/astrophysics) from MIT.